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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education Major, BS

Student in field experiences will be required to complete a criminal background check through the MUW Office of Field Experiences. Students are required to meet with their faculty advisor to schedule classes and discuss degree requirements, see Section 10.4.

General Education Curriculum: (38-39 Semester Hours)

See General Education Curriculum Requirements  

BS Degree Requirements:

See Bachelor of Science Requirements 

Professional Semester:

(Minimum grade of C or above)

Notice Regarding Repeat Coursework:

Beginning August 2020, each undergraduate education student may repeat an education course or core required course once. Students who do not achieve required minimum grades after two attempts, beginning August 2020, will not qualify to continue in the respective program(s) depending upon each program’s minimum grade requirement. This restriction applies to all current new undergraduate education students either in Early Childhood Development Major, BS or the Elementary Education Major, BS.


For the K-6 licensure programs, all above requirements must be met. In addition, two areas of concentration must be completed, with a minimum of 18 semester hours in each area, and a minimum grade of “C” in each course. Concentrations include: English, General Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

For a Pre-K add-on endorsement, all above requirements must be met. Required courses: ED 307, 317, 319, and 320.


*Education course requirements are currently being reviewed by the Mississippi Department of Education and may change prior to the next catalog printing.

General Education-Special Subject Areas (Grades K-12 Music, Spanish and Theatre)

Teacher Licensure is offered in the following special subject areas: BM in Music Education, B.A. in Spanish, and BA in Theatre Education, all with Teacher Certification requirements. For specific degree requirements, consult the section of the catalog for the Music, Spanish, and Theatre programs.

General Education - Secondary Subject Areas (Grades 7-12):

Licensure at the secondary level is offered for Biology, Physical Science, Mathematics, English, and Social Studies. For specific degree requirements, consult the section of the catalog for the specific departments associated with each discipline.