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2012-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Studies in Education

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Program Purpose:

The Graduate Programs in Education provide high quality, advanced professional development and leadership training for educators, which will strengthen their theoretical knowledge, their practice, and increase their accountability for student learning. This reflects the University’s mission of professional education with an emphasis on academic and leadership preparation.

The conceptual framework for graduate programs in education is based on the five core propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The related belief statements that follow each core proposition further characterize the advanced programs in education.  The program in Educational Leadership is aligned with the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards.

The Graduate Programs in Education are: Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Education in Gifted Studies, Master of Education in Differentiated Instruction, Master of Education in Reading/Literacy, and Master of Education in Educational Leadership.

Progression in the Program

  1. The potential Graduate student must make formal application for admission, providing transcripts of all undergraduate work, GRE scores, 3 letters of recommendation, proof of immunization and $25.00 application fee (MAT applicants must submit passing scores on Praxis I and Praxis II, content area.). 
  2. The Graduate student, in consultation with his/her advisor, works out a proposed program of study.
  3. After completion of 9 semester hours with a minimum 3.0 QPA, the student who has been admitted conditionally must meet with his/her advisor to determine whether the student’s admission status can be upgraded.
  4. The Graduate student must meet with his/her advisor prior to registration to secure approval for courses to be taken in the ensuing semester.
  5. The Graduate student must submit an official transcript of any transfer credits before his/ her last semester of course work. No more than 6 hours with minimum grade of B may be transferred.
  6. Withdrawal from a graduate class should be done in consultation with an advisor and must be approved by the College Dean.
  7. When a graduate student has completed at least 9 hours of degree requirements with an overall QPA of 3.0 (including no more than 6 hours with a grade of C), the Candidacy Form should be completed and submitted for approval.
  8. All requests for modification of the Candidacy Form must be made in writing to the Program Coordinator whose approval allows the student to proceed with courses as planned.
  9. A minimum of 15 semester hours must be completed following the student’s admission to candidacy.
  10. Before graduation all graduate students will submit a professional portfolio to the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Education. For August graduates, portfolios are due the first day of the second summer session and will be returned by the last day of the same session. For May and December graduates, portfolios are due one month prior to graduation. Students are advised to keep a copy of all contents for their own records.
  11. To take the Comprehensive Examination, the student must submit a written request to the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Education at the beginning of his/her last semester.
  12. The Comprehensive Examination will be given in Room 211, Education/HS Building, 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Exams are usually scheduled for the last Saturday in April, the third Saturday in June, and the first Saturday in December. Please confirm date, time, location, and other pertinent information in advance of the exam. 
  13. The Graduate student needs to meet with his/her advisor to confirm completion of graduation requirements: all admission and program requirements have been satisfied, all transcripts of transfer credit have been submitted to and processed by the registrar, the comprehensive examinations have been complete satisfactorily, the overall QPA is at least a 3.0, and no Incompletes remain on the student’s academic record.


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