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2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Sciences and Mathematics

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Department Chair: Dionne Fortenberry

Associate Chair:  Bonnie Oppenheimer

Biological Sciences Faculty

Professors: Nicole Welch, Ross Whitwam
Associate Professors: Lauren D. Brandon, George V. Pinchuk
Assistant Professors: Ghanshyam Heda, Paul Mack

Mathematics Faculty

Professors: Dorothy A. Kerzel, Bonnie Oppenheimer, Shaochen Yang
Assistant Professors: Joshua Hanes

Physical Sciences Faculty

Professor: Dionne Fortenberry
Associate Professor: Jiben Roy
Assistant Professor: Xiaoxia Li

The Department of Sciences and Mathematics offers majors in the areas of Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physical Science.

Before a student is allowed to register for upper-level courses (those numbered 300 or above) within the department, the student must:

  • Have successfully completed at least 48 hours of course work
  • Have a 2.0 average for all courses taken within the department (including transfer credit)
  • Have completed all prerequisites for upper-level courses with grades of C or better
  • Have successfully completed EN 101 and COM 101

Exceptions to any of the above requirements require approval of the Chair of the Department of Sciences and Mathematics.

Prerequisite Courses for Professional Programs

For students interested in health-related professional schools, a B.S. degree (typically a biology or chemistry major) at the W allows the students to tailor their course selection to ensure all requirements are met for the professional school of their choice. Such professional schools include: Medical, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Dental, and Optometry.

Engineering Dual-Degree Program

The Department of Sciences and Mathematics has joined with the School of Engineering at Auburn University and the College of Engineering at Mississippi State University in offering a Dual-Degree program in Liberal Arts and Engineering. In this program, a student attends MUW for three years and one of the other institutions for at least two additional years. After completing the academic requirements of both cooperating universities, the student will be awarded a baccalaureate degree from MUW and one of several designated engineering baccalaureate degrees from the second institution.



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