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2012-2013 Graduate Bulletin 
2012-2013 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Gifted Studies, M.Ed.

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Program Philosophy

The philosophy for the graduate program in Gifted Studies is based upon the belief that educators who work specifically with gifted/talented students should hold a Master’s Degree in the field and should develop a variety of special competencies for teaching this population. The professional standards jointly agreed upon by the two national governing bodies of gifted education, The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and The Association for the Gifted (TAG), state that degree programs with a major emphasis in gifted education should be offered only at the graduate level.

Master of Education in Gifted Studies Requirements

The graduate program in Gifted Studies builds on the knowledge and skills acquired at the baccalaureate level. Gifted Studies coursework and practical experiences are designed to prepare the graduate student to recognize and meet the unique cognitive and affective needs of gifted students. Graduate students in Gifted Studies must take a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate coursework in the following areas: The Graduate Core, Studies of the Gifted, and Electives.

The master’s degree in Gifted Studies provides special advanced training and leadership experiences for professionals who are committed to more purposeful and comprehensive programming for gifted students. The Graduate faculty believe that information concerning gifted students is beneficial to all teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, and other interested persons.

Curriculum Requirements:

Graduate Education Core: (12 Semester Hours)


* These courses and ED 552 are required for the add-on certification in Gifted Education (K-12) and are available through a course rotation online. Two years of teaching experience is required prior to state certification.

Electives: (3-6 Semester Hours)

Selected courses (numbered 500 or higher) in special subject areas or instructional technology. Electives must be approved by the student’s advisor. Independent Study in the content area is limited to 3 semester hours.

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